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Ecommerce is the online storefront offering customers a new height of convenience being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last year the UK saw an estimated 25% growth in ecommerce. The increasing numbers of online consumers and availability of Broadband, is driving an enormous year on year growth in sales. 50% of houses in the UK and USA have internet access and as this figure grows, ecommerce sales will grow with it.

Ecommerce is an essential element in today's market to target a worldwide audience of shoppers who can shop conveniently at their fingertips, whilst avoiding the crowds and getting the

best variety of products, cheaper than high street prices, delivered straight to their front door. Think of it as a complete store with categories in place of aisles, and extra profits without the staff to sell products or sit at a till.

What makes a great ecommerce site? One that converts its visitors into customers simultaneously ensuring no shopping basket is left abandoned.

Converting your visitors into customers and ensuring no shopping basket is left abandoned.

Kalexiko utilises the latest, most secure and innovative technology to deliver eCommerce solutions that bring a return in your investment. From easy-to-use navigation to convenient express-ordering, our ultimate aim is that your website should be making you sales while you sleep.

Kalexiko can help make your customers shopping experience so real and enjoyable, that they won't want to leave your site until they have bought something.

Not only can we take care of domain and hosting registrations, we build you a content management system so you can easily manage your website content and product images, without paying any update fees. Your website will be developed with basic search engine optimisation in mind, including w3c validation, optimised product image names and much more. Our payment system technologies adhere to VISA standards, providing integral 3Dsecure implementations for payment gateways including Visa, Switch, Delta, Protx and PayPal.