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With over 2 million people who are blind and partially sighted in the UK, it makes sense to make sites accessible for everyone with disabilities, including those with learning and hearing difficulties. Our Websites are developed to be viewed in all browsing devices and screen resolutions, and meet W3C Standards.

Web Accessibility is developing websites that can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of disability, location, experience and technology.

Kalexiko ensure that their web page content is easily read by all including synthesised speech software so that partially sighted people don't have to listen to every menu on each page. We can also provide the facility to change font colours, size and background and we ensure a consistent design throughout the website to aid people with cognitive or learning difficulties.

We believe that the time and money invested in increasing site accessibility, results in a much wider customer base to benefit from your products or services. Accessibility improves user experience, which makes customers more likely to return to you, not your competitors.

Providing alternative content to features such as Flash and JavaScript, not only will your website become more accessible, it will appear higher in search engines too.