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Chan Dhillon

Clients Services Director

T: +44 (0) 8000 328 055

With 90% of Internet users worldwide using search engines to find what they want, Google Page One search engine positioning is the number one way to generate qualified traffic to your company's website.

How easily can your potential customers find you before your competitors? By using competitor analysis and popular keyword research, Kalexiko has already positioned many companies on the face of Google Page One;

Generating tremendous levels of sales by bringing the searcher and supplier together

As there can never be a software product available to carry out the SEO process, Kalexiko take great pride in increasing a client's search engine visibility.

Keywords play the most important role in SEO and optimising your site for search engines. Kalexiko can lead you in determining the best keywords your clients are most likely to be searching by.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes and type some keywords into Google to find a product or service you sell. If your website is not displaying beneath those keywords then think how SEO can change the way clients find you.

Linking Strategies are also important in creating page one results.

Kalexiko believe quality links are king, not quantity

For example, if you sell designer sofas and another site that is ranked number one on Google for "designer sofas" links to your site, this is better than 1000 websites that don't relate to designer sofas pointing to your site.

Alternatively, creating unique content that your readers will be interested in, is a way of building links to your website. Kalexiko can guide you in achieving this and much more. Kalexiko can provide services such as regularly updated blogs, online newsletters and content.

We can combine search engine management systems into content related management systems and also provide pay per click advertising

  • 75% of search engine users never go past the first two or three pages of results
  • Research has shown that searchers experience "search rage" if within 12 minutes they do not find what they're looking for
  • Meta tags optimisation is the most fashionable search engine optimisation technique, used by 61% of surveyees, followed by page titles optimisation and then link building